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What our swimmers have to say...

"Hannah is an amazing swimming teacher who is fantastic with all the children in Elena's class. The bond Elena has built with Hannah is fantastic, Elena trusts Hannah in the water which has really brought Elena out of her shell and has given her so much confidence which can be clearly seen in Elena's swimming ability.

Hannah makes learning to swim enjoyable and every week Elena learns something new which can be seen week in and week out. The lessons are always fantastic. Hannah was also excellent when Elena had a bit of a wobble, the encouragement and patience she has is excellent. I can't praise Hannah enough and wouldn't want to swim with anyone else Elena often says 'Hannah teaches me to be a mermaid' and always looks forward to her lessons every week.

We really appreciate Hannah's encouragement and investment into Elena's swimming and highly recommend her to anyone!"


      Emma Colbourne 

"Hannah has taught our daughter for 3 years. In that time our daughters swimming has progress significantly with Hannah's amazing teaching. We have always felt very happy about her lessons, and we have never had any concerns re safety etc.

Hannah is a very calm, patient and caring person, which is exactly what children need. She will always explain things easily, so the children pick up the swimming exercise really fast.

I'm so pleased our daughter has Hannah as her swimming teacher, they have a lovely bond together, which is lovely to see."


         Rachel Muggeridge

"Hannah is an excellent swim teacher who gets the best out of her pupils through encouragement and perseverance. She has a very friendly and approachable manner. I have watched my daughter go from a timid swimmer to now being able to swim to the side of the pool unaided. Hannah makes leaning to swim a fun experience. I would highly recommend her to others. "


         Colin Cox 

"Our children have been learning to swim with Hannah since they were tiny. We have found many things which set Hannah above all other swimming instructors, but one is her genuine interest in each child's individual personality. She doesn't just teach your children to swim (which is obviously important) she gets to know them, enjoys them, cares about them and has fun with them. This important skill enables your child to be confident in the water, to believe in themselves and to have fun whilst learning to swim. Letting your small 3 or 4 year old go into the water without you is scary stuff but I have pure faith in Hannah and she has taught our children to be the most beautiful and competent swimmers. Our children simply love the water, being in it, on it or deep under it. Watching their progress each week is exciting, but seeing their pure amazement and joy in what they can achieve with Hannah's encouragement makes us really proud. Thank you for all those wonderful fun lessons Hannah."

Karen Cullen

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